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API for better post purchase experiences

Let’s build a better post-purchase returns experience

Connect all your ecommerce platforms with our out-of-the-box integrations or build your own custom connections with our Open API.

Build, Launch, Grow and Scale
the Future of Returns.

Our platform currently supports Shopify and BigCommerce merchants.
Use our open API to connect and build a returns solution to best fit your needs

Build, launch, grow and scale the future of returns

ReturnLogic APIs and Webhooks.

ReturnLogic’s returns management software connects to your existing tech stack through native integration and open APIs. Unify and get real-time updates on returns data.

Use our open APIs to build returns solutions
Use our open API for custom integrations

Use our open API for custom integrations.

Have something particular in mind? Integrate ReturnLogic into your business tools with our Custom Integration APIs

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Ready to transform the way your team handles returns?

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