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Automate Your Warranty Returns
with ReturnLogic

You made returns easy for your team and for your shoppers. Why should warranties be any different?

warranty returns

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Warranty Returns Workflow Step 1

Step 1

Let shoppers submit their warranty claim through a branded portal – even if they bought the product outside of Shopify.

Warranty Returns Workflow Step 2

Step 2

The customer’s address is entered to ensure the warranty return goes to the correct location. 

Warranty Returns Workflow Step 3

Step 3

Let your shoppers choose which product(s) to submit their warranty claim for – if eligible.

Warranty Returns Workflow Step 4

Step 4

Capture primary and secondary warranty return reasons along with photos of the warranty-covered item.

Warranty Returns Workflow Step 5

Step 5

Resolve your customer’s warranty claim in accordance with your warranty policy.

Warranty Returns Workflow Step 6

Step 6

Warranty claims with out-of-stock or discounted products can be given a warranty replacement option.

Warranty Returns Workflow Step 7

Step 7

Let your shoppers review their warranty claim request before hitting submit.

Warranty Returns Workflow Step 8

Step 8

Provide instructions so customers know how to get their warranty item back to your team and make sure they have a return label.

Warranty Returns Workflow Step 9

Step 9

Once the item is received back at the warehouse, your team can inspect the item, scan the return, and mark the disposition.

Warranty Returns Workflow Step 10

Step 10

Learn WHY warranty claims are happening so you can make improvements to products and processes.

Warranty Returns Workflow Step 11

Step 11

Reduce the number of warranty claims based on data-driven decisions:

  • Uncover product sourcing issues with materials and manufacturers
  • Isolate product failures and batch issues based on location or time frame
  • Build customer trust through proactive warranty recall outreach
  • Empower your product engineers
automate warranty claims

Ditch the forms – automate your manual warranty returns.

Manually handling warranty requests ends here. Save hundreds of hours and stop copying and pasting warranty support tickets into a spreadsheet. Let shoppers initiate a warranty return on their own and automate what you need to free up time.

Accept & automate warranty returns from anywhere.

Want shoppers to register their third-party products with you? No problem. List all the places you want to accept warranties from and grow your marketing lists.

third-party warranites
warranty returns and third-party warranties

Learn why shoppers are submitting warranty claims.

The number one reason shoppers submit a warranty claim is because of damage and defects. Use warranty return data to improve products, enhance shipping, and fight back against warranty returns.

Ready to transform the way your team handles returns?

Talk to a returns specialist to see if you’re a good fit!

We used to go back and forth with shoppers, copy and paste warranties into Zendesk, and even had to hire someone’s spouse to help with the summer rush of warranties. With ReturnLogic, we can automate warranties and make sure requests are legitimate.
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