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Why Merchants Prefer ReturnLogic Over Loop Returns.

  • Accurate accounting and returns inventory
  • Advanced reporting on all plans  
  • Warranty support and disposition management  

Automating your returns process has never been easier. Get your self-service returns center up and running quickly – with all the built-in features you need to save time and money.

How ReturnLogic Works

See how our approach to growth is different.

Loop Returns is an app that offers a customer portal for returns and exchanges. ReturnLogic’s returns management platform allows Shopify merchants the freedom of choice in how to set up your returns, exchanges and warranty workflows, giving your customers the best experience for all return types.

With ReturnLogic, your warehouse and customer service teams can communicate in real-time on the status of a return, saving everyone time. We offer extensive data analytics and insights so you can make the most informed financial and operational decisions about the company.


Happy warranty returns experience
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Reliable customer service.

Your customer service is the heart and soul of the company, making sure your customers receive the best quality care and experience they deserve. We feel the same at ReturnLogic, which is why all of our customers receive hands-on, lifetime support.

No hidden fees. No surprises.

Don’t be caught paying for large overage and hidden fees with Loop. ReturnLogic gives you unlimited returns and all the features you need, in one simple plan.

Easy customer exchanges and refunds
Exchange returns management platform

Pay for the platform that works for your needs.

With ReturnLogic, you can bring all of your return types into one self-service portal, including refunds, exchanges, gift, and warranties (even third-party warranties).

Keep your accounting clean and inventory accurate.

With Loop Returns, retailers struggle with doubling accounting for sales, inaccurate returns inventory mapping, and inflated cost of goods sold. With ReturnLogic, all financial records are kept on your platform of choice, which helps keep accounting accurate and returns inventory up to date.

Returns Visibility for Teams

Exchanges < returns optimization.

More exchanges and fewer refunds are great for your bottom line, but what’s even better is fewer returns. Returns optimization focuses on improving the returns process, reducing return rates, streamlining operations, and increasing a customer’s lifetime value.

With ReturnLogic’s suite of tools, merchants can guide customers to exchanges instead of refunds. Utilize strategic shipping rules to allow free shipping on exchanges, but not returns, visually de-emphasize the returns workflows, and encourage upsell opportunities on the exchange with bonus credits.

Did you know that ReturnLogic has open API’s?

Rest assured that wherever you go, you can take us with you! ReturnLogic can integrate into the solutions you need including direct integrations to Shopify, Shopify Plus and BigCommerce. Learn more about our integrations.

Use ReturnLogic's Open API's

Ready to transform the way your team manages returns?

Speak to a returns specialist to see if you’re a good fit!

Great support, strong reporting. Easy to use and train employees on features within the system. We are able to analyze returns by product category, individual products, or even by customer. Very robust system
D’IYANU ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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