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Turn Returns
Into Your Path to Profitability

ReturnLogic is built to help customer support, operations, and management teams manage and reduce their ecommerce returns.

Returns Management for Teams

Help your team
manage returns, together.

We’re here to guide you.

Customer Support
Woman in white shirt talking on headphones

Customer Support Teams

Give your customer support team a break, and let customers take care of returns all on their own with a customized returns center.

Automation >>
Warehouse & Operations
Man holding a package

Warehouse & Operation Teams

Make sure your warehouse and operation team knows the exact status, condition, and location of every return.

Visibility >>
Executives & Management
Woman with orange shirt typing on laptop.

Executives & Management Teams

Help your management team to get insights on how much returns are impacting your bottom line – and what can be done about it.

Data + Reporting >>

No Matter What Your Role Is:

  • On the front lines in customer support
  • In the warehouse making operations run smoothly
  • The CEO and Founder of an ecommerce brand

We’re Here to Guide You.

Average Time Saved Per Return


Average Amount Saved Per Return


Returns for customer support teams

Free up your customer support team.

Returns and exchanges steal time away from your team and force them to handle a tedious problem, when they could be doing meaningful and value-added tasks.

Keep your operations & warehouse team in the loop.

Give your team complete visibility into the returns process and empower them with control to make adjustments and changes

Returns for warehouse teams

Turn returns into your next growth opportunity.

Make improvements to your products, design, and online storefront based on actionable returns data and feedback from shoppers.

Great support, strong reporting. Easy to use and train employees on features within the system. We are able to analyze returns by product category, individual products, or even by customer. Very robust system
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