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Retain Profits & Reduce Refunds with Bonus Credit

Did you know you can drive more exchanges and maximize profits by upselling during the exchange process? Learn how you can delight customers and reduce refunds by turning your exchange workflow into a shopping experience.

Bonus Credit feature from ReturnLogic
Reduce refunds with bonus credit to incentivize exchanges or store credit

ReturnLogic’s Suite of Incentivization Tools includes:

  • Bonus Credit: incentivize exchanges or store credit with dynamic product pricing
  • De-emphasize Refunds: visually downplay refunds within the exchange workflow
  • Dynamic Shipping Rules: offer strategic shipping rules on exchanges and store credits, but not on refunds

Let us help you drop refunds by up to 30%!

Minimize refunds and maximize profits.

With ReturnLogic’s suite of Incentivization Tools merchants can implement dynamic shipping rules, visually de-emphasize refunds, and actively promote upsell opportunities by enticing shoppers with added Bonus Credit.

picture of exchange credits and Bonus Credit
Bonus credit for incentivizing exchanges and store credit

Upsell and retain more revenue.

Bonus Credit lets you capture more revenue by giving your customers the ability to exchange different-priced items, without the hassle of reconciling your books. Upsell during the exchange process while ensuring your products remain in the hands of your shoppers.

Delight shoppers and increase customer loyalty.

Transform a negative returns experience into a positive one, by offering shoppers a way to buy more with less! Turn your exchange workflow into a shopping experience to build shopper trust and loyalty.

Increase customer loyalty with by offering shoppers a way to buy more with less

Ready to transform the way your team handles returns?

Talk to a returns specialist to see if you’re a good fit!

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Once we implemented ReturnLogic’s Suite of Incentivization Tools, our return rate decreased by over 6% in only 4 months! The Incentivizing Exchanges with Bonus Credit and De-emphasizing Refunds features have had a major positive impact on our business.
Latico Leathers Ben Schreiber, Director of Ecommerce
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